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The company LCC "INTECH GmbH" offers grate-bars - grate elements meant for maintaining active fuel bed and air supply. Grate-bars are mainly used in the fire boxes and pallet cars of the burning and sintering furnaces.
The machine-building plant of the company is located in Yeongcheon, South Korea. Our plant manufactures grate-bars from special purpose steel and alloys that operate under static and high dynamic load conditions. Our materials have high abrasive wear resistance and high corrosive resistance.


There is the example of using grate-bars in the belt-type sintering machines in the scheme below. Lath bottom of the pallet cars consists of the grate firings, where the lay of the burden for the further sintering and receiving sinter is loaded.

Grate-bar is prone to wear and is a replaceable part. Its service durability and its cost influence considerably the capacity of the equipment and the prime cost of the received products.

The right choice of the shape and the material of the grate-bars is one of the main conditions of the furnace failure-free operation.

The examples of the grate-bars constructions:

The main requirements to the rational form of grate-bars are the following: heat-transport surfaces developed enough, good streamlining, right distribution of an open grate area, which provides a homogeneous air supply in separate zones of the grate.

The grate-bar material shall be highly wear-resistant, because grate-bars operate under the conditions of the cyclic effect of high-temperature gas flow. The medium temperature reaches 1100-1200 °C.

The company LCC "INTECH GmbH" produces grate-bars from special-purpose steels and alloys, which are used for production of parts that require an increased impact resistance (min. KCU = 500 kJ/m2) and high yield stress (max. σ = 600 MPa) and operate under static loads and high dynamic loads. The chemical composition of materials is the following:

Element in periodic table Element Material composition, %
C Carbon Min. 0,6
Cr Chrom Min. 0,7
Mn Manganese Min. 0,5
Si Silicon Min. 0,2
Ni Nickel Min. 0,5
Тi Titanium Min. 0,1
P Phosphorus Min. 0,05
S Sulfur Min. 0,04

Engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" is ready to develop and supply the wide range of grate-bars according to your individual technical specifications.