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Riders (Skid buttons)

Company LCC "INTECH GmbH" offers riders - the devices, which reduce metal contact with cold part of longitudinal pipes and their wearing, working under the temperatures of 1100-1200°C and high mechanical loads for metallurgical pusher-type furnaces and walking beam furnaces. Machining works of the company is situated in Yeongcheon city, South Korea. Our plant produces different types of skid buttons and riders made of heat-resistant and abrasion-resistant materials and alloys. Riders ensure small heat efflux from slab placed on them and increase slab heating uniformity along the length.


Usage of riders ensures the following:

  • Metal heating quality increasing of before rolling as a result of temperature drop decrease along section of heated slabs and work pieces up to 5-20°C;
  • Decrease in fuel consumption ( under current furnace performance) by 8-17%;
  • Increase of furnace performance (under current fuel flow rate) by 20%;
  • Decrease of metal loss by 0,1-0,2 % (for pusher-type furnaces );
  • Ensure capability for sheet rolling in negative allowance field and increasing flatness of finished rolled products;
  • Decrease of metal cut-off piece consumption due to uniform deformation when rolling;
  • Energy saving in stand drives by means of decreasing forces when metal rolling.

Most effective in usage are riders made on the base of IME-01 specially designed by specialists of company LCC "INTECH GmbH"

The alloy has excellent properties at high temperatures (below 1250 C). Chemical composition of IME-01 was optimized to reach high melting temperature, stable microstructure, high hardness and excellent oxidation resistance temperature. IME-01 has the highest melting point among Ni-Cr-W-Fe alloys, that is why it is perfectly suitable for the hardest service conditions. The material has the best plasticity indexes and impact strength in comparison with typical heat-resistant alloys which makes the riders more resistant to mechanical deformation and increases their thermal-stress resistance.

IME-01 alloy riders were mounted in more than 35 furnaces all over the world.

Company LCC "INTECH GmbH" can produce riders of different designs at their own plant according to your technical task:

  • Variant 1:

Housing (item 2) with two inserts of heat resistant metal (items 3 and 4) is welded to the pipe (item 1). The inserts have ceramic rods (item 5). There is a layer of plumbago between housing bottom and supporting surfaces of inserts.

This design allows to significantly decrease work piece heating in contact area with skid button, which significantly affects rolled product precision.

  • Variant 2:

Rider base (item 2) is welded to water-cooled pipe (item 1). Working part (item 3), which directly contacts work piece surface and has a zigzagging shape which is fixed to the base with the help of dovetail fastening. In such case zigzags should look so that their prints on work piece surface do not coincide.

This variant of rider design allows to eliminate black spots and significantly increase distribution efficiency of heating temperature along the whole length of work piece.

  • Variant 3:

This heating furnace rider consists of heat-resistant insert and support, fixed on water-cooled pipe. Support mates with end surface and side surfaces of heat resistant insert. To simplify mounting of rider and increasing its reliability, mating end surfaces of support and heat resistant insert are made cylindrical, and side surfaces mated as mail and female.

  • Variant 4:

This variant of heating furnace rider consists of support with heat resistant trapezoidal-shaped insert fixed on water-cooled pipe. To simplify rider mounting, the insert has a split design and its parts are connected with each other along the plane, which is parallel to one of trapeze lateral side.

  • Variant 5:

This type of skid button consists of support with heat resistant trapezoidal-shaped insert fixed on water-cooled beam. Upper and lower base of insert are made with ratio 0,7-0,8. Height of insert is 0,6-0,7 of bigger base and distance from base to beam is 0,4-0,5 of insert height. This allows to increase reliability and service life of the rider.

  • Variant 6:

This rider includes support and heat resistant trapezoidal-shaped housing. The housing has symmetrical slots in lateral sides, which make variable-profile along the longitudinal axis.

  • Variant 7:

This variant of rider also uses support and heat resistant trapezoidal-shaped housing. To increase reliability and service life of the rider, the support is divided in sections. This allows to uniformly distribute a temperature along the length of work piece and load on inserts without breaking conditions for fast temperature equalizing through-the-thickness of heating metal.

We offer to your notice different photos of part designs, which are produced at our plant according to the drawings of the customers:

Manufacturing-engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" is ready to design and supply a wide range of riders according to your individual technical specifications.