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Production of exchangeable parts made of stellen, bronze, brass, ceramic, steels

Custom production of parts (according to customer drawings) at Bukang plant in South Korea
Engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" offers its customers various auxiliary metallurgical equipment and parts, required for repair and renovation of exchangeable and wearing parts for rolling mills, press-forging plants, coiled steel hot dip galvanizing lines, strip color and polymeric coating lines, automatic steel strip pickling lines and sheet-bending machines.


Description of production

Founded in 1986, BUKANG is one of the South Korean production leaders specializing in special parts, units and spare parts for various kinds of complex equipment used in different industries.

Bukang plant is a modern machine-building plant, having high precision equipment:

  • high-precision furnaces for steels and alloys melting;
  • centrifugal casting units and other casting equipment for precision castings (static methods of casting and investment casting);
  • pre-heating furnaces and heat treatment furnaces;
  • spot and arc welding units;
  • a large fleet of metal-working equipment (turning and milling centers, and machines with CNC, drilling machines, forging presses, various automatic saws);
  • modern laboratory and test equipment for the input and quality control of finished products (spectrometers, ultrasonic testing, hardness testers, stands for mechanical properties determining, etc.).

Bukang plant is located near Pusan which is a major South Korean trading port, which significantly reduces logistics costs when shipping goods to Europe.

During many years, exchangeable parts and assemblies for various mechanical equipment, produced by this South Korean factory, have been supplied to large iron and steel works:

- ArcelorMittal (various countries), NipponSteel (Japan), NovolipetskSteel (Russia), Severstal (Russia), MMК (Russia), HyundaiSteel (South Korea), Kobesteel (Japan), U.S. Steel (Slovakia), CMI (Belgium), Cynk-Mal P.O. (Poland), and also to many others.

Our products

Engineering company LCC "INTECH GmbH" is ready to supply a wide range of special parts and units as per individual specification made of special stainless steels, with enhanced mechanical strength and durability, heat-resistant steels, stellen (cobalt alloys), bronze, ceramics and color-coated steel:

  • Bottom drums of stainless steel, stabilizing and adjustment rolls for steel strip hot dip continuous galvanizing lines;
  • stellen bushings, inserts, journal bearings;
  • stellen turbine blades;
  • stellen and stainless steel parts with ceramic coating or ceramic inserts (journal bearings);
  • Levers (feet, «arms») for rollers joining lines for steel strip continuous hot dip galvanizing lines;
  • Heat-resistant furnace rolls;
  • Conveyor rollers and rolls for other purposes;
  • Couplings;
  • Special products from bronze or brass (bushings, bands, tools), including those used during stainless steel extrusion;
  • Bevel and globoid gears;
  • Gear wheels and gear shafts;
  • Gear type and worm type pairs;
  • Toothed wheels;
  • Component parts of screw-down mechanisms of rolling mills and assemblies;
  • Spindles and cardan shafts of drives of slow-speed heavy machines drives;
  • Rolls for hot and cold rolling mills.

Up-to-date equipment allows to perform high-precision machining for special parts having various levels of complexity, sizes and made of various materials:

  • turning;
  • milling;
  • horizontal boring;
  • Jig-boring;
  • gear milling;
  • gear shapingg;
  • spark erosion;
  • cylindrical grinding;
  • surface grinding;
  • internal grinding;
  • thread grinding and other machining.

Predominant thermal and chemical thermal processing techniques used to manufacture wide range of custom-made special-purpose parts are:

  • bulk hardening;
  • high-frequency current surface hardening;
  • surface carburizing followed by hardening;
  • nitriding.

The parts delivered by LCC "INTECH GmbH" are made in accordance with all relevant norms, fits and clearances, and based on our engineers’ vast experience in design and delivery of this equipment and are made of the following materials:

  • stainless steels and alloys 316L, 304, 316, Hastelloy;
  • special steels and alloys (heat-resistant, abrasion-resistant etc.);
  • stellen or equivalent alloys in terms of their physical and chemical properties;
  • copper-base alloys (alloys containing zirconium, aluminium, or multicomponent alloys such as bronze or brass);
  • ceramics;
  • composite materials (high-alloy stellen-, ceramic- or carbon-coated steel, steel with special local inserts made of these materials);
  • special ceramic materials based on zirconium oxides.

These parts find their application for machines and mechanisms of the following industries:

  • mechanical engineering
  • automotive
  • ferrous metallurgy
  • non-ferrous metallurgy
  • shipbuilding
  • chemical
  • Oil and Gas
  • medical
  • food

Production facilities of Bukang plant

Equipment Parameters Quantity
High-frequency furnace 250kW/100 kg 1
High-frequency furnace 250 kW /200 kg 1
High-frequency furnace 450Вт/500 kg 2
Centrifugal casting unit 37 kW -60 Hz 1
Preheating furnace - 1
Vacuum pump 15 l/s 1
Pulverizing machine - 1
Spot welding apparatus 25 kW 1


Equipment Model Quantity
Lathe with CNC KT-15 1
Lathe with CNC TSL-10 1
Lathe with CNC PUMA-400 1
Lathe with CNC PUMA-400B 1
Lathe WL1250×4000L 1
Lathe WL900×6000L 1
Lathe WL720×3,000L and others 8
Boring machine with CNC DB130CX 1
Curved saw SCH-40PC 1
Milling machine KMB.U.6 1
Milling machine HMTH1000 1
Milling machine DMB-U5A 1
Milling machine HMB-7U 1
Arc welding apparatus 1000A, 850A, 800A 3
Drilling machine for machining SMD360, 410 3

Certification and testing equipment

Equipment Model Quantity
Spectrometer MAXx (Germany) 1
Metallographic microscope × 1000 OLYMPUS/Japan 1
Machining universal testing machine 30 tons 1
Speed controller 1-9999RPM 1
Rockwell hardness testing machine A.B.C scale 1
Heating temperature MAX 1200℃ 1
Melting temperature 200-2000℃ 1
Micrometer 0 ~ 400 m/m 20
Micrometer 400 ~ 500 m/m 1
Micrometer 500 ~ 600 m/m 1
Micrometer 600 ~ 700 m/m 1
Micrometer 700 ~ 800 m/m 1
Device for diameter and shape of cylinders checking 35 ~ 60 m/m 5
Device for diameter and shape of cylinders checking 50 ~ 150 m/m 10
Device for diameter and shape of cylinders checking 160 ~ 125 m/m 5
Device for diameter and shape of cylinders checking 250 ~ 400 m/m 3
Dial indicator 0-1m/m (1/100) 5
Dial indicator 0-100m/m (1/100) 6
Altimeter 600m/m (1/100) 2
Caliper with dial 0 ~ 300 m/m (with dial) 1
Caliper with dial 0 ~ 300 m/m (manual) 10

Pictures of production facilities

Basic process flow charts

Examples of delivered exchangeable parts

Equipment for sintering manufacture

Equipment for blast-furnace process

Equipment for steelmaking process

Aprons for bar rolling line

Rolls for cold rolling mills

Separating segments for bell furnaces

Submersible equipment for coiled steel hot dip galvanizing lines and for heavy engineering

For many years, LCC "INTECH GmbH" company is the leading manufacturer of submersible equipment for coiled steel hot-dip galvanizing lines operated by metallurgical companies in Europe and CIS states, for example,

  • Submersible bottom drums made of stainless steel 316 L and other materials

Examples of drums delivered by LCC "INTECH GmbH" company in 2008-2012

Foots for immersion and stabilizing rollers

Immersion and stabilizing rollers, snorkels

  • Stabilizing and adjustment rollers
  • Bushings and cases for immersion rollers made of stellen and other cobalt alloys